William Shakespeare: Venus and Adonis – a study guide

Venus and Adonis is an early piece of Shakespeare’s career. It is a combination f  three passages from Ovid's Metamorphoses: the story in Book 10 of Venus' pursuit of Adonis, and the bashful reluctance of a young men (male coyness) as exemplified by Hermaphroditus (Book 4) and Narcissus (Book 3). Adonis  was born to Myrrha from a marriage with her own father Cinyras (Cinyras in turn is the son of Paphos, son of Pygmalion and Galatea). Myrrha lusted after her father and tricked him into sleeping Read more [...]

Nino Rota: Romeo and Juliet

This is one of the most touching song which was ever composed to a Shakespeare play. It was written by Nino Rota to the main theme of Zeffirelli's famous Romeo and Juliet film - which is considered to be the best remake of the Shakespeare play. One interesting fact about the film: the character Juliet is played by a 13-year-old girl - since, according to the story, Juliet was at exactly the same age. Read more [...]

10 Facts about Shakespeare

1. Shakespeare’s Son, Hamneth died at the age of 11. Some literators say, the figure of Hamleth is a kind of memorial to this child. 2. Shakespeare is only the second most quoted writer of English language – the firsts are the authors of the Bible. 3. Shakespeare lived 52 years. He is tought to be born in 23rd, April 1564 and died on the same day in 1616. 4. He had seven siblings: Shakespeare had seven siblings. They were: Joan (1558); Margaret (1562); Gilbert (1566); Joan II (1569); Anne Read more [...]