William Shakespeare: Venus and Adonis – a study guide

Venus and Adonis is an early piece of Shakespeare’s career. It is a combination f  three passages from Ovid's Metamorphoses: the story in Book 10 of Venus' pursuit of Adonis, and the bashful reluctance of a young men (male coyness) as exemplified by Hermaphroditus (Book 4) and Narcissus (Book 3). Adonis  was born to Myrrha from a marriage with her own father Cinyras (Cinyras in turn is the son of Paphos, son of Pygmalion and Galatea). Myrrha lusted after her father and tricked him into sleeping Read more [...]

The Story Behind Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis is one of the most well-known poems of Shakespeare. The old story is full of secrets and mistery. This video will help to discover some of them. If you are interested in the text, please, click here. If you would like to see a study guide, you can find it here. Read more [...]

William Shakespeare: Venus and Adonis

'Vilia miretur vulgus; mihi flavus Apollo Pocula Castalia plena ministret aqua.   ' TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE HENRY WRIOTHESLY,EARL OF SOUTHAMPTON, AND BARON OF TICHFIELD. RIGHT HONORABLE, I know not how I shall offend in dedicating my unpolished lines to your lordship, nor how the world will censure me for choosing so strong a prop to support so weak a burden: only, if your honour seem but pleased, I account myself highly praised, and vow to take advantage of all idle hours, till I have Read more [...]