Othello In Three Minutes

This is a three-minute-long video, summarizing the plot of Shakespeare’s famous play, Othello, which was written in 1603.

William Shakespeare: Othello – The plot

In a street of Venice we see two rich men, Iago and Roderigo in a quarell. Roderigo just learned, that his lover, Desdeona married Othello the Moor. Roderigo paid Iago to get Desdemona for him, but Iago failed. Bedifes, Roderigo is angry, as Othello gave his position to a less talented man, Cassio. Iago and Roderigo plan a revenge on Othello and get Desdemona. They tell Brabanzio, father of Desdemona, that his daughter was kidnapped by Othello. Brabanzio collects his men and gather at Othello’s. Read more [...]