Shakespeare – Macbeth – The 1971 Film

The 1971 Macbeth is an English-American adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous work. This is one of the most well-known adaptation of the story, the naturalism pof which was quite shocking in the time of the release. According to the legends of the film, this naturalism is due to a strange tragedy. Roman Polansky, the director of the film planned to travel to Los Angeles, but his visa was invalid. He had to stay in London for a weekend to renew it. While he was waiting for his papers, her beautiful Read more [...]

Shakespeare: Macbeth – in Lego

Lego animation made for the famous Shakespeare-play, Macbeth. The plot of the play is simplified, but it is still very enjoyable, since the makers kept almost all famous Macbeth quotes!

William Shakespeare: Macbeth – Video Notes

This video summarizes the plot of Shakespeare’s famous play, Macbeth. Macbeth, a Scottish warrior, meets three witches, who give him a prophecy. This changes Macbeth faith: he loses his wife and becomes a murderer.

Machbeth – The Plot

Duncan, the Scottish king is in war with the Norwegian. Machbeth helps the king, and, thanks to his talent, the army of the king wins. Three witches decies tovisit Machbeth and they give him a prophecy: he would be awarded richly by the king, and he would even become the king of Scotland, one day. Another leader is present, Banquo. He is told that he would not become a king, but his successors were going to. The king nominates Machbeth to the Than of Cawdor – so he gets the award which was told. Read more [...]