Romeo+Juliet – A Touching Ending Scene

These are the ending lines of one of the best modernizations of Shakespeare’s plays. Romeo+Juliet is the film of Baz Luhmann, starring Leonardo di Caprio. The plot was placed in modern times, and there are, of course, a few little changes made, but the film uses the original dialogues of the play.

Romeo+Juliet – The Film

Famous film by Baz Luhrmann is a 1996 abridged modernization of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The story takes place in an imaginary place, Verona-Beach, which is a modern city. The film uses the original dialogs of the play, but a few things were changed. Between the skycrapers of Verona Beach, a gunfight starts: Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, and Tybald, Juliet’ cousin lead a war of bands against each other. Captain Prince, the Chief of Police notices the gunfight and tells the two rival Read more [...]